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“In western culture, men's swimsuit styles include boardshorts, jammers, swim trunks, briefs or speedos", thongs, and g-strings, in order of decreasing lower body coverage.

Swimsuits range from garments designed to almost completely cover the body to garments designed to reveal as much of the body as possible without actual nudity, the choice of garment depending on factors such as how much or how little sun protection the wearer desires, air and water temperatures, fashion trends, and modesty. Swimsuits can be skin-tight or loose fitting. They are often lined in front with a second layer of fabric if the outer fabric becomes transparent when wet. Almost all swimsuits cover the genitals and pubic hair, while most except thongs cover much or all of the buttocks. Most swimsuits in western culture leave at least the head, shoulders, arms, and lower part of the leg (below the knee) exposed...”(